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Kératine +

12,90 €

Keratin, silicium, zinc and vitamin B combined together to boos your lashes !

A full treatment for an essential nutrient food supply for your lashes, hairs and nails.

Lashes are made of Keratin. Biotin and zinc increase grown and prevent lashes and hairs loss.

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Ingredients :

Kératine, L-taurine, Acide orthosilicique stabilisé par de la choline, Niacine, Oxyde de zinc, Acide pantothénique, Vitamine B12, B2, B6 et B1, Acide folique, Biotine, Excipients, Tunique : gélatine

2 capsules provides 500 Mg of renforced Keratin with organic silicon stabilized choline.


2 Capsules per day with a large glass of water before lunch.

Cure de 2 à 3 mois conseillée pour suivre le cycle de repousse des cils et des cheveux

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