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Quick dry

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Latest and essential tool of high-technology work for the experts in extension of lashes. A spraying of microparticles of ionized water which finalizes the drying of the glue

Nanoparticles of ionized water penetrate gradually and quickly into the glue and allow its drying in 30 seconds without hygrometric shock.

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The Quick Dry,

Latest and necessary high tech tool for eyelash extension experts

Nanoparticles of ionized water spraying that finalize the drying of the glue.

The Quick Dry is a revolutionary technological progress in the eyelash extension world. Until now, we advised our clients to avoid wetting their eyes up until 48h after an extension laying.

Indeed, the glue need 24 to 48 hours to be definitively dry. Water sets and hardens the eyelash extension glue (gyanoacrylates  generally). to wet the lashes before the total drying of the glue cause a hygrometric shock, which lead to a shrinking of the adhésive surface and cause diminished hold of the glue, appearance of unaesthetic white matter and fumes unpleasant for the client.

Thanks to the Quick Dry, this is now over ! Nanoparticles of ionized water gradually and quickly seep into the glue and allow it to dry in 30 seconds without any hygrometric shock

Thanks to the Quick Dry, your client can :

- get reduced risks of hypersensitivity and vapor intolerance

- take a shower or do sport the very day of their extension laying

- feel fewer vapors at the end of the laying and open their eyes more quickly

The Quick Dry, lovely small device (10 cmX 3.5cm X 3cm)  spray a cloud of nanoparticles of water (ultrathin particles of 0.3 um) finalizing the glue drying without any Hygrometric shock. This revolutionary concept allows a total drying of the glue in 30 seconds instead of 24 to 48 hours. 

The Quick Dry charges easily in 2 hours with an USB cable (provided), and let's start for about 50 uses


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