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Miss no detail on your eyelash extension with our mirrors, magnifying glasses and lamps, for perfect extension from every angles.Top quality at small price

  • 249,00 € 279,00 € In Stock
    249,00 € 279,00 €

    The GLAMCOR lamp, a unique and essential device. The adjustable spots that equip it can direct the light beam without creating shade and enjoy high definition light quality (Five levels of intensity). Barely 2 kg, some small assembly operations and here is the operational lamp!

    In Stock
  • 359,00 € 379,00 € In Stock
    359,00 € 379,00 €

    The GLAMCOR lamp, an absolute must-have ! with adjustable spots to direct the light without creating any shadow. High Definition light (five levels of intensity). New MULTIMEDIA model ! with smartphone holder and remote control. Barely 2 kg, a few manipulations and your lamp is ready !  Remote control works with battery

    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • 19,90 €

    Magnifying Glass with LED Lamp For Eyelash Extension Fashionable design and beautiful appearance Professional technology The multiples of lens have four selections: 1.5X, 2.5X and 3.5

    In Stock
  • 12,90 € In Stock
    12,90 €

    Very beautiful and Handy, this mirror is a Must-Have! Available in several colors: Gold, Silver or Pewter

    In Stock
  • 11,20 € 14,00 € -20% In Stock
    11,20 € 14,00 € -20%

    The perfect tool for perfect eyelash extensions ! This little angled mirror helps you to get every lash of your client. Check your work without getting up, and see the results while your client's eyes are still closed. Tilted mirroe, better than dentist mirrors, a true rear-view mirror to check your eyelash extensions.

    In Stock
  • 10,00 €

    Lost yours ? Order a remote controller for multimedia Glamcor Lamp. Adjust the light and take picture from a distace thanks to this bluetooth remote controller.

    In Stock
  • 29,90 €

    Want to use your tablet instead of your phone ? Connect your tablet to you lamp to take picture or record your work easily and perfectly.

    In Stock
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