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All our must-have accessories for the lashes, natural or extensions : workplan, pad for the lashes, loose or in lines, strass, lash curler, protecting care... Top Quality at small price.

  • 36,00 €

    Absolute comfort for everyone ! Set your workplan the closest to your client’s eyes, without tape, without any discomfort, thanks to our magnetic workpad and its large and overly comfortable elastic band !

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  • 4,20 € In Stock
    4,20 €

    An easy to carry work surface, very handy, adaptable to every surface without slipping ? This is our new Silicon Work Cushion ! Place it on your hand, on your client's forehead, on the side... Large surface to stick your lash lines and a glue sticker, non skid silicon, it is the new stable of the side workplans !

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  • 7,90 €

    On the hand, the arm, next to your client… Set your extension lines exactly as you want them, for an optimal working confort wherever you are.   Removable elastic strap.

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  • 2,20 €

    Lashes worktable, sold by 10. Specially designed for eyelash extensions professionnals It allows you to count easily the amount of extensions you use. Fix it easily with tape, on your hand or on your client forehead. See how to set a workplan on the forehead on our video below

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  • 2,20 € In Stock
    2,20 €

    Allows for an excellent seizing of loose lashes and swaroski stones The lashes position themselves vertically for an easy pick up and significant time saving.  White silicone pad, washable.

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  • 0,70 €

    Special box for storing your loose lashes  3 cm diameter, 2 cm high, screwing top. (sold without eyelashes)

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  • 12,90 €

    Pre-treatment Primer : Used for removing the protein & dust  on the natural eyelashes before eyelash extension.  Maximizes the glue holding 15 Gr

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  • 14,20 €

    NEW The Clean Up cleans lashes and extensions, remove every impurity and grease residue without affecting the quality of the glue. The ideal partner for a successfull filling !

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  • 14,90 € In Stock
    14,90 €

    Quick and efficient beauty tool The lashes heater curves and seperates your lashes and extensions one to one. Choice of 2 models

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  • 3,90 €

    Inverted U-shaped ring Stick your adhesive strips of eyelashes on it to bring your workplan closer to your client's eyes. Facilitates the taking of eyelashes, especially in Russian volume! (Supplied without eyelashes)

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  • 3,80 €

    Your whole working surface on your finger : Your lashes lines U-shaped to pick them easily up + a place for your glue drop guaranteed space saver !

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  • 9,90 € In Stock
    9,90 €

    Find out about Our New Glass Lash Pad ! Rounded Shape : separates your lines' extensions to facilitate the seizing of the lashes, Ideal for the creation of Russian Volume fans. Working Table Shape : all-in-one pad, with glue spot and marks for extensions' lines. Time and space saving !

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  • 0,99 € In Stock
    0,99 €

    Craft beautiful Russian Volume fans quickly and easily. Packs of 5, 10 ou 20

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  • 1,80 € In Stock
    1,80 €

    Organize your laying ! Prepare your own strips of lashes, Lash to lash or Russian Volume fan, premade or handmade, and craft the last much more easily 50 strips per sheet By 1 or 5 sheets

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  • 8,70 €

    The Discovery kit includes : 2 pairs of patches : 1x Hydrogel - 1x Aloe 1 set of Sensitives 1 glue ring 1 table for lashes 1 glue sticker 1 set of applicators 1 sample of  lashes, loose, in strips and W 1 guideline charter for Belash lashes curve, thickness and length

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  • À partir de 9,85 € In Stock
    À partir de 9,85 €

    New ! Care Coating sweetly scented and without paraben.  Protects the extensions from external aggressions (pollution, dust, moisture etc..) Softens the glue, reduce the possible stinging sensations after the extension and give a glossy touch.Apply at the end of your extensions laying and sell for a home application 1 to 2 times a week 5 ml

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  • À partir de 9,30 € In Stock
    À partir de 9,30 €

    The ultimate care for your Extensions Protects the extensions from external aggressions (pollution, dust, moisture etc..) Softens the glue, reduce the possible stinging sensations after the extension and give a glossy touch.Apply at the end of your extensions laying and sale for a home application 1 to 2 times a week 10 ml Decreasing rates

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  • 14,90 €

    An even more intense result! Soften the glue and give a glossy touch. It deep black color will intensify the final result. Recommendation : must be applied by the professional at the end of the laying. Due toits intense pigmentation, it is to be applied only on the extensions, to avoid leaving black marks on the skin.

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  • 3,49 € In Stock
    3,49 €

    Beautifull swarowski stones 1,8 mm diameter Zipbag of 6 pieces of the same color or 8 pieces (one of each color)  

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  • 37,19 € 43,75 € -15% In Stock
    37,19 € 43,75 € -15%

    Swarovski stone 2mm diameter 250 stones, 50 strass in each color Modèle 1 : Crystal, Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow Modèle 2 : Aurore Boreal,  Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow

    Reduced price!
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