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All our glue accessories : to lay it on, to clean it, to improve its holging to store it... Primer, Remover, workplan, stickers, top quality at small price

  • 12,90 € Out of stock
    12,90 €

    Keep ut to 3 glue bottles from light, humidity and heat ! Light and resistant storage, to carry everywhere with you !

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  • 9,00 € In Stock
    9,00 €

    The must-have instrument to master your room's temperature and humidity.  Small, light and handy, it follows you everywhere and will be your glue's best ally for your at-home cares. Works with a non included AAA battery. 

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  • 15,90 €

    The Best friend of sensitive eyes !  Thanks to our Neutralizer, no more red and teary eyes ! It absorbs glue fumes and free technician and client of all unpleasant chemical residue, while nicely perfuming your workspace.

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  • 14,60 €

    NEW - Glue Solvant Cream  Sweet fragrance for ever softer eyelash extension removals. The safest and easiest way to remove eyelash extensions due to its thick consistency that does not run into the eyes of the client. Dissolve bonds in seconds ! Perfect for sensitive eyes ! 

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  • 12,90 €

    Our Glue Remover, perfect for total extensions removal !  Its gel texture doesnt' drip , fast and easy removal guaranteed !  Nice grapefruit fragrance.

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  • 12,90 €

    Our Glue Remover, liquid texture, to clean your tools and working surface of all residues !   With ultraconvenient applying brush.

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  • 14,20 €

    NEW The Clean Up cleans lashes and extensions, remove every impurity and grease residue without affecting the quality of the glue. The ideal partner for a successfull filling !

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  • 5,40 €

    A soft silicone glue palette to safely hold adhesive during the eyelash extension application process. Simply drop your desired amount of adhesive in one of the twelve small adhesive wells and it is ready to use.

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  • 3,80 €

    Your whole working surface on your finger : Your lashes lines U-shaped to pick them easily up + a place for your glue drop guaranteed space saver !

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  • 2,30 € In Stock
    2,30 €

    Disposable eyelash extension glue ring.  Sold in packs of 10 pieces or 25 pieces.

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  • 3,90 € In Stock
    3,90 €

     Replacement for jade stone, ensure easy works for lash extension. Slows down the drying of the glue Find out about these disposable tools . Even handier, self adhesive at the back to be placed on your Jade Stone or your glass tray, the back of your hand or any other place according to your needs. Prevents from moisture and rapid drying.  Tests have...

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  • 1,00 €

    Mini Glue Pad Stickers ! Paste it on every working surface, and trow away after use. No more glue residue to clean ! Perfect for ring-shaped pad Plate of 24 stickers Diameter : 23mm

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  • 34,90 € In Stock
    34,90 €

    Latest and essential tool of high-technology work for the experts in extension of lashes. A spraying of microparticles of ionized water which finalizes the drying of the glue …Nanoparticles of ionized water penetrate gradually and quickly into the glue and allow its drying in 30 seconds without hygrometric shock.

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  • 5,90 € In Stock
    5,90 €

    Accelerates the drying of the glue once placed on the eyelashes, after or during your pose.

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  • 16,90 €

    Ventilator to use after eyelash extension to dry glue, relieve your client's eyes  and help evaporate glue vapors. Easy to use, and effective to aim directly at the eyes. With protection grid USB Loading

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  • 5,99 € In Stock
    5,99 €

    The best way to hold your glue. Choose : - Octogonal Crystal Base    -   6 cm diameter- Square (with recess) Crystal Base  -   5 cm X 5 cm- Rectangular (with recess) Crystal Base  -  5 cm X 10 cm- Square (with recess) Crystal Base + jade stone  -   5 cm X 5 cm

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  • 9,90 € In Stock
    9,90 €

    Find out about Our New Glass Lash Pad ! Rounded Shape : separates your lines' extensions to facilitate the seizing of the lashes, Ideal for the creation of Russian Volume fans. Working Table Shape : all-in-one pad, with glue spot and marks for extensions' lines. Time and space saving !

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  • 4,19 € 5,99 € -30% Out of stock
    4,19 € 5,99 € -30%

    Downgraded product - Flawed aspect The best way to hold your glue. - Octogonal Crystal Base    -   6 cm diameter- Square (with recess) Crystal Base  -   5 cm X 5 cm- Rectangular (with recess) Crystal Base  -  5 cm X 10 cm- Square (with recess) Crystal Base + jade stone  -   5 cm X 5 cm

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  • 4,20 € Product available with different options
    4,20 €

    An easy to carry work surface, very handy, adaptable to every surface without slipping ? This is our new Silicon Work Cushion ! Place it on your hand, on your client's forehead, on the side... Large surface to stick your lash lines and a glue sticker, non skid silicon, it is the new stable of the side workplans !

    Product available with different options
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