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All our products to efficiently isolate and protect the lower lashes. tape, adhesive protection, stickers, hypoallergenic and for sensitive eyes. Top Quality at small price.

  • À partir de 1,95 € In Stock
    À partir de 1,95 €

    Used to protect the lower lashes ! New : 9 meters roller ! (for the price of a 5 meters roller) Hypoallergenic and micro-porous adhesive paper tape. Ideal for fine and delicate skin. Allows the skin to breathe. 3M quality

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  • 10,50 €

    3M™ Kind Removal Silicone Tape provides: SECURITY : Offers reliable yet pliable fixation, remains in place until you decide otherwise. COMFORT : Removes cleanly, without disrupting fragile skin layers or causing patients any undue pain. EASE OF USE : Can be repositioned and neatly torn by hand.

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  • 1,55 €

    Auto-adhesive protection to maintain and protect the lower Lashes during Eyelash Extension. 10 pairs.

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  • 4,30 €

    New, your pre-cut hypoallergenic plaster for your most sensitive clients! One of your clients has the upper eyelids that swell during the days following the installation of eyelashes? In most cases, it is an irritation to the plaster that can be solved by the use of these new protectors for lower lashes Ultra Comfort. Lot of 10 pairs (20 pieces)

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  • À partir de 1,59 € In Stock
    À partir de 1,59 €

    specially designed  autoadhesive protection for lower lashes NEW : second skin sensation the best of comfort, excellent adhesive, painless removal Perfect for the clients that are allergic to adhesive (See laying protocol below) Board of 7 pairs

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